Six Plus Hold'em

Bigger, better, Six Plus Hold'em

The newest gametype has arrived at Mansion Poker. Six Plus Hold'em is a variant of Texas Holdem. However a few changes have been made to make this game more exciting. To generate more action and bigger pots the holdecards with the values from 2 to 5 have been removed from the deck. Same as in Texas Hold'em the highest card is the Ace, but the lowest is now the 6.

This means:

  • better starting hands
  • more action
  • bigger pots
  • more fun
  • more excitement

improving your game experience at Mansion Poker!

Changes in ranking

The reduced deck also changes the probabilities of certain hands. To reflect this the hand ranking has been modified slightly. Three of a Kind are now beating Straights. A Flush is better than a Full House. Also note that you can make a Straight with A6789.

The full new ranking compared to Texas Holdem:

Six Plus Hold'em Texas Hold'em
Royal Flush Royal Flush
Straight Flush Straight Flush
Four of a Kind Four of a Kind
Flush Full House
Full House Flush
Three of a Kind Straight
Straight Three of a Kind
Two Pair Two Pair
One Pair One Pair
High Card High Card

Massive €150,000 in promotions

These improvements are not crazy enough for you? Okay, then we throw in another €150,000 in launch promotions to celebrate this new game. Starting from 29th February you will find all promotion details in the poker software and on the Mansion Poker website:


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